I am a Tenure-Track Associate Professor at School of Intelligence Science and Technology, Nanjing University, where I co-direct the 3D Vision Lab (NJU-3DV) with Prof. Hao Zhu. Previously, I was a senior researcher at Apple, and a founding member of the startup company Altizure (acquired by Apple in 2020). I received my PhD degree from CSE, HKUST in 2019, supervised by Prof. Long Quan, and my bachelor degree from ECE, NJU in 2015 advised by Prof. Xun Cao.


My research interests lie in intersections of computer vision and computer graphics, with a focus on 3D reconstruction, differentiable rendering, and 3D content creation. My representative works include the MVSNet series of works for multi-view reconstruction, the large-scale BlendedMVS dataset for geometry related learning tasks, and the NeILF series of works for physically-based differentiable rendering. I have won the ICPR 2020 Best Student Paper Award, and is a recipient of the Excellent Young Scholars Fund (Overseas) from NSFC.


Multiple positions are available for prospective PhD and master students starting in Fall 2024 (advertisement). I am always looking for highly self-motivated students to join my group (interns, RAs, master and PhD students). If you are enthusiastic about 3D vision and be willing to study in the beautiful city of Suzhou, please drop me an email with your research interests, CV and transcripts.

Note: due to a high volume of emails, I may not reply to all. My apologies.


2024-03: STAG4D for high-quality 4D generation, is now released.

2024-03: Ghamp for 2D human animation, is now released.

2024-01: GaussianPro for 3DGS with Patchmatch cues, is now released.

2023-12: Gaussian-Flow for ultra fast 4D reconstruction/rendering, is now released.

2023-11: Relightable 3D Gaussian for point-based graphics pipeline, is now released.

2023-11: Direct2.5 for ultra fast and diverse text-to-3D generation, is now released.

2023-11: Consistent4D for video-to-4D generation, is now released.

2023-10: JointNet for dense distribution modeling, is now released.

Last updated: 2023.12.14